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VP or MVP?

How well do you know the United States vice-presidents? If you’re not all that familiar with their names, maybe you can get by through knowing Major League Baseball Most Valuable Players! In today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss, you’ll be given a name, and you decide whether he was an MVP or a VP. Simple! Uh, [...]

Bruce Jenner, John Wayne and a Newborn Baby: 18 Curious Draft Picks

It’s a guarantee that in this year’s NFL Draft, a future Hall of Famer will be selected after someone who never plays a down in the league. What we can say with equal certainty (well, almost) is that no team will try to draft a newborn baby, select a Hollywood movie star, scout from the [...]

Baseball Bat Bottle Opener

When a bat used at a Major League Baseball game gets cracked or otherwise rendered unusable, it’s not just chucked in the garbage. Oh no! They are made into souvenirs, like this bottle opener. Each one has a unique hologram number that lets you look up what game the bat was used in -sort of [...]

Never Tell Me The Odds Tattoo

Junior Bio major, roller derby girl and Tumblr blogger iheartar got a new and very cool tattoo. Han would be proud! Link – via DBSW