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10 Public Figures Who Choose Not to Vote

We’re not telling you not to vote. We’re just saying that these 10 people won’t be (or didn’t). 1. Nate Silver When “Poblano” began publishing his 2008 presidential election predictions and analyses on Daily Kos in 2007, people paid attention. Then “Poblano” moved to his own blog,, where he later revealed he was really Nate Silver, [...]

Hu’s on First?

PeteyHendrix wrote an updated version of the classic comedy routine called “Who’s On First?” with a twist -now the scene contains the names of real Major League baseball players. You can look them up! Anyone familiar with the original Abbot & Costello version will find themselves reading this in their voices. Link -via Metafilter

The 24 Most Bizarre Injuries in Baseball History

In February 1993, Cleveland Indians’ catcher Sandy Alomar Jr. arrived at spring training with an aching back aggravated by the drive to Florida. How could an athlete in his prime get injured behind the wheel? An athlete who survived the rigors of the catcher position 150 games per season? Why was a man of means [...]