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The End of the "Silent Letter"

Combining the ease of telephonic communication with the awesome speed of mail, the maker of typewriters Smith-Corona (count just how many cutting edge technologies are represented here, Neatoramanauts!) introduced the Mail Call back in 1967: Announcing: The end of the silent letter Now you can really “hear” from those you miss the most. A son in service. A [...]

Meeting the Troll

A couple of years after Leo Traynor opened a Twitter account, he became the victim of a troll. It started in July 2009. I’d been on Twitter for over 2 years at that point having joined in May 2007, and I’d never had a problem. My account was followed by a fairly innocuous looking one which [...]

Neatorama ‘Pin To Win’ Contest

This is going to be FUN for Pinterest members (established and new)! And maybe something we do pretty frequently, depending on how many of you get involved. So here’s how it works: 1) Put together a wishlist board of items from the Neatoshop – stuff you really want, badly (minumum 5 items, but no max) 2) Be [...]

Darth Vader Wins!

Darth Vader received a prize notice in the mail. What could it be? Find out by reading the rest of the comic at Dorkly. Link -via The Daily What Geek

Operation Cornflakes: How the Allies Scammed the Nazi Postal Service

On February 5, 1945, with World War II in its last desperate months, a German train made its way to the city of Linz. Suddenly, Allied planes swooped in, dropping bombs and derailing it. As the train’s cargo—mail bound for several northern Austrian towns—scattered over the area, a second wave of bombers flew in with [...]

The Language of Stamps

Back when people sent a lot of letters and postcards through the mail, the position of a stamp could send a message of its own. The “code” became popular around 1890, after it was written up in a Hungarian newspaper. It was printed on postcards in several European languages so a correspondent could clue in [...]

Volkswagen’s New Mail Van Follows Behind the Mail Carrier

This ain’t your mail carrier’s stodgy mail truck. Volkswagen has teamed up with the German Mail Service to design this sleek electric mail van called the eT! The van’s good look isn’t all that the eT! has going for it: it’s also [...]

Police Lure Criminals into Trap with Offer of Free Beer

Police in Derbyshire, UK found it difficult to locate certain people wanted on outstanding arrest warrants. So they sent letters to addresses at which they suspected the accused of receiving mail. The letters, supposedly from a marketing company, claimed the recipients had won a crate of beer: They were told that they needed to arrange a [...]

USPS Rescue Plan: More Junk Mail!

The US Postal Service is like a damsel in distress. Severe distress. The rise of email and the Great Recession, coupled with bad management and its high labor (and labor’s retirement) costs have caused the institution [...]

Mail Call!

You might recall the post I wrote about the very smart Web site, Sadly, the cool project has ended, but I wanted to share some of the letters you _flossers sent me. I had promised that I’d make a contribution to your favorite charity if you sent me some snail mail. As a result, [...]