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11 of the Craziest Events in Olympic History

Olympic history books are filled with stories of amazing individual performances and team achievements. But from poorly conceived competitions to spectators attacking the judges, a lot of crazy stuff has happened along the way. 1. Killing Animals Causes Horror, Fainting Live Pigeon Shooting, 1900 Paris Olympics Live Pigeon Shooting was the only time in Olympic history when [...]

Volkswagen’s New Mail Van Follows Behind the Mail Carrier

This ain’t your mail carrier’s stodgy mail truck. Volkswagen has teamed up with the German Mail Service to design this sleek electric mail van called the eT! The van’s good look isn’t all that the eT! has going for it: it’s also [...]

The Limburger Cheese War

From the “Dustbin of History” files, here’s the pungent tale of two midwest states whose pride and honor were once challenged…by a slab of stinky cheese. IT AIN’T EASY BEING CHEESY It began in the winter of 1935 when a doctor in Independence, Iowa, prescribed an odd medicine to an ailing farm wife: Limburger cheese. The doctor [...]