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The Missing Links: How to Turn Junk Mail Into A Big Payday

A Perfectly Legal $95,000 Bank Heist Patrick Combs deposited a $95K junk mail bank check as a joke, fully expecting the transaction to be declined. Lucky for him the bank accepted the check – and it was totally legal. Needless to say the bank was none too pleased when they realized their error. * The Bluths Are Back The [...]

Scissors + Shredders = Shredsors

Shredsors – $19.95 Need to destroy that top secret memo but got no office paper shredder? Here’s the product for you: a strange yet effective combination of scissors and shredders. Behold, the Shredsors – a pair of scissors with 9 blades that will quickly destroy junk mail, bank statements, old credit cards … From the Neatorama Shop: [...]