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Oops My Head Fell Off

Magician Rich Ferguson "aka The Ice Breaker" is out on the streets of San Luis Obispo, CA for Halloween scaring people with a pretty impressive trick. I am not positive how he does it, I think something to do with stilts, but if I stumbled on this unexpectedly like these people do- I would be [...]

The Missing Links: Murray and the Magician

Life at the DNC Take a look at the fantastic shots compiled by LIFE at the Democratic National Convention over a handful of decades. * First World Problems: 1920s Edition And other memes from the roaring decade. * D’oh Hackers obtain information about millions of Apple users … from an FBI laptop. * A Magician Never Tells. But a Little Kid [...]

Floating Money in the Drive-Through

(Video link) Some magician is having a fun time in the drive-through, handing out floating money to the people working there. The same guy has also made another similar drive-through video, in which his wallet catches fire. I Heart Chaos via Nerdcore

Bottle Magic Sweepstakes

Our friends at Conceptis Puzzles are giving you a chance to win a personal, custom-made Bottle Magic bottle (or Impossible Bottles, as popularized by math teacher and magician Harry Eng). The puzzle solution will be glued to a wrapped deck of cards, pierced with a pencil and hanging from the top of the bottle by a [...]

The End of a Beautiful Friendship: Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle

It seems strange that a man best known for creating the quintessential detective, who based his deductions solely on reason, would also be one of the biggest proponents of Spiritualism around the turn of the last century. Equally strange is that a man who based his career of performing illusions and magic tricks was one [...]