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How A Slush Machine Works

(YouTube link) How are liquid slushes served at temperatures below freezing? It’s the magic of physics! -via The Daily What Geek

“Dat @#$% is a DEMON! HOLY SPIRIT! … Please continue to move forward.”

Rahat of Penguin Magic, a self-professed magician prankster, likes to go to the drive-thru and amaze fast food workers with a little trick or two (flaming dollar, anyone?). The best part, however, is their [...]

Doctor Whooves

(Video Link) The Doctor has regenerated again. He’s not a ginger, but he is a chestnut. There have been a few other anatomical changes in this Doctor Who/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover by Michael Kirspel. -via The Mary Sue Previously: My Little Dalek: Extermination Is Magic

11 Geeky Craft Creations, Including Rainbow Brite vs. Strawberry Shortcake

There’s a lot of variety in geek crafting. Whether you geek out over Star Wars, Pokemon or marine biology, there are plenty of subjects for you to enjoy, whether you prefer them rendered via crocheting, sewing or felting. Cross Stitch If you spent your childhood playing Nintendo, then you’ll recognize the screen this cross stitch has captured [...]

Enormous Chart Shows How Magic Works in Dozens of Different Fantasy Series

Charlie Jane Anders and the staff of io9 assembled a staggeringly huge chart showing the rules and principles of magic in about fifty different fantasy series, both in print and on screen. You can see the entire assembly at the link. Be prepared to lose a couple hours of your day. Link -via The Mary Sue

11 Hilarious Behind The Scenes Movie Photos

The magic of movies is the fact that we can suspend our disbelief and actually imagine we are wherever the movie takes place, whether in the past or a completely imaginary realm. That’s why these great behind the scenes pictures of famous films are so fun to look at. Enjoy more over at BuzzFeed. Link

40 Behind The Scenes Star Wars Images

I don’t know about you guys, but I love getting to see the behind the scenes footage from some of my favorite movies, even if it ruins a bit of the magic. That’s why this great collection of images from the Star Wars set is so darn delightful. Link

The Late Movies: Jump Blues

Jump blues is a type of up-tempo blues that first gained popularity in the 1940s and experienced a renewal in interest during the (dreaded) 1990s swing revival. Billboard has described jump tunes as having a “bright bounce in the medium tempo and a steady drive maintained.” I usually think of it as Big Band [...]

‘Magic penis’ trial date set

12 people are to be trialled in connection with setting a pastor on fire for having a “magic penis”. The utterly bizarre turn of events in South Afric…

George Takei Should Be Spiderman!

(YouTube link) George Takei will turn 74 years old in a couple of weeks. However, that doesn’t matter when you have the magic of special effects! And adequate medical insurance, of course…. This video is labeled “episode one, ” so we can assume this campaign will continue with further videos. -via The Daily What