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If Websites Were Actually Magazines

Remember when magazines were your only option? If you long for those days of old, then you’ll enjoy this gallery of popular websites reimagined as magazines. Thank god for the internetz. Link

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E-Ink on Cloth Could Make Video Screen T-Shirts

Just when you thought advertisements couldn’t be any more invasive of our daily lives, E-Ink (the same company that makes the display screens for the Kindle) has created cloth video screens. There are many applications this could be used for from screens on T-shirts to packaging to magazines. At the link check out some of [...]

Phone Book Sculpture

Instead of throwing out those ubiquitous phone books (who uses ‘em anymore?), try turning them into art. That’s what Taiwanese-born artist Chen Long-bin did with unused phone books, newspapers, magazines and discarded books. Toxel has the gallery: Link

15 Websites That Forbid You from Linking to Them

Yes, there are websites that forbid people to link to them. I’m not sure if that’s a legally enforceable demand, but they make it anyway. Malcolm Coles has descriptions of (with links to) fifteen websites that disallow linking, including BBC Magazines: Oh, the BBC. How could you? “You are not permitted to create a link to [...]