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Twist to Reload this Unique Antique

This is the Percival & Smith Repeating Magazine Pistol, patented in 1850. If I understand the description correctly, the cylinder in the front holds 24 bullets and the cylinder in the back holds powder and primer. To chamber a round, the user twists them up, then back down: After cocking hammer, both chambers swivel upward 180 [...]

The Magazine With a Smartphone Inside

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has a smartphone in it. Yes, inside the print magazine, there is a fairly complete phone — screen, battery, T-Mobile 3G SIM card (!), Android operating system, camera, and even a portion of the keyboard (minus the actual keys). The only bummer is that EW is only [...]

Introducing the mental_floss iPad App!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the iPad version of mental_floss magazine! The app is free, and if you download it now, you can get the new issue free as well (thanks, Boeing). If you’ve always thought about giving our magazine a shot, now seems like the perfect time. Download the mental_floss iPad [...]

Exorcism magazine launches in Poland

Exorcisms have become so common in Poland that Catholic priests have launched their own magazine. Believed to be the first exorcism magazine in histor…


Don’t get it? That’s because this is the G-rated version of an earlier cartoon that couldn’t pass Facebook’s standards. It’s difficult to recognize Adam and Eve with clothes on! Mick Stevens had a cartoon in The New Yorker, which was reposted on the magazine’s Facebook page, and caused the magazine to be temporarily banned. To [...]

If Anne Geddes Had Photographed Grown Ups Instead of Cute Babies

What if, instead of cute babies, Anne Geddes photographs grown ups dressed up as animals and flowers? Well, wonder no more. VICE Magazine called upon photographer Lee Goldup to make that a reality: Link [...]

Luxury Chicks by Peter Lippmann

(R) Cartier When French magazine Marie Claire 2 asked photographer Peter Lippmann for glamorous photos of gorgeous chicks in luxurious jewelries, they probably didn’t expect this Check out the gallery at Peter’s website: [...]

25 Fictional Characters Posing With mental_floss

You’ve already seen celebrities posing with Mental Floss at the Motor City Comic Con, but have you ever wondered whether your favorite fictional characters would enjoy the magazine? Thanks to the San Diego Comic Con, we were able to find out that, whether given to real celebrities or fictional icons, Mental Floss is always a [...]

Chickens Dressed as Famous Historical Figures

Chickens, which outnumber humans, have become what two Smithsonian magazine writers call “the ubiquitous food of our era.” As part of its exploration of the history of chicken as a source of food for humans, the magazine asked photographer Timothy Archibald to dress raw chickens as personages from human history. He selected, among others, [...]

Artist Recreates Magazines From Blade Runner

  These visions of a strange future where magazines are still in print were created by a Blade Runner superfan known only as Kevin, who may know more about the android revolution than he’s letting on. Blade Runner fans will probably recognize these magazine covers from the movie, while everyone else wonders when these wondrous new mags [...]