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Vehicle Pics From Mad Max – Fury Road

If you’re as excited as I am about the upcoming Mad Max movie Fury Road then you’ll love these awesome pics of the vehicles, straight from the set in Namibia. One question remains- will Mel Gibson’s recent bout of (madness?) hurt his acting, or add to his performance as the older and angrier Mad Max? Link   another [...]

10 Things You Might Not Know About Mad Max

Mad Max is one of the most iconic sci-fi movies of all time, and for good reason-it launched the career of Mel Gibson, brought a human edge to post-apocalyptic movies, and it put Australian cinema on the map for movie lovers across the globe. But did you know that Mel came to his audition sporting a [...]

Narco Tanks: DIY Armored Vehicles of the Mexican Drug Cartels

Photo: Sedena Taking a page from the A-Team, drug cartels of Mexico are creating their own DIY, Mad Max (Mad Mex?)-styled armored vehicles. This one above was captured in a metalworking shop: The completed versions [...]

Chocolate Gladiator Bikini

It’s like Mad Max 2 was produced by the Food Network! Cindy Fabre, Miss France in 2005, wore this costume made out of chocolate for the chocolate industry’s recent trade fair in Aix en Provence: They used more than 300 pieces of chocolate including chocolate truffles, chocolate hearts and caramel filled chocolate bites to make the [...]

Magnetic Googly Eyes

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories made a whole herd of googly eyes that can be stuck on most metal surfaces temporarily. The possibilities are endless! So, they posted the instructions plus a gallery of examples. They also invite you to make your own and send in pictures of what you do with them. Where would you [...]

555 Chip Footstool

The latest do-it-yourself project from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories is this footstool made in the shape of a 555 timer chip. It’s a heavy-duty design, made from plywood, glue, and paint. Link -via Laughing Squid

The [adjective] History of Mad Libs

Leonard Stern, the [adjective] creator of Mad Libs, the wacky fill-in-the-word game we all [past-tense verb] as kids, died this week at the age of [number]. OK, I’ll give you that on: he was 88. Stern was a writer for shows like The Honeymooners, Get Smart and Steve Allen’s Tonight Show. Like all writers sometimes [...]

The Number of the Day: 110,000,000

TV writer Leonard Stern, who co-created Mad Libs in 1958, recently passed away at the age of 88. His wacky wordplay creation has sold more than 110 million copies of the books in the series. Related Fact: Included in the Mad Libs catalog are a series of adult versions with subjects like Dysfunctional Family Therapy, [...]

The Creator of the Mad Magazine Fold-In

As a child, I loved few things as much as I loved Mad Magazine. My brother and I would get really giddy when a new issue was out as we anticipated the incredibly juvenile – and often brilliant – satire that awaited us inside. Of course we didn’t refer to the magazine as satire. Or [...]

10 Amazing Costumes for Halloween

Every year, I am impressed not only by the dedication and technical skill some people put into their Halloween costumes, but also the ingenuity and cleverness to come up with some of these! 1. Happy Mutant Three-armed Baby Four-month-old Corvidae sprouted an extra arm for Halloween last year! Canida posted how this mutant baby costume was created [...]