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Adventurous UK Restaurant Wins Big With Experimental Menu

Heston Blumenthal is the mad genius behind the wild and experimental menu at the Fat Duck restaurant in Berkshire. People from all over are clamoring to try Heston’s weird and wonderful delights, such as egg and bacon ice cream, salmon poached in licorice sauce and snail porridge, and the restaurant claims 30,000 calls come in [...]

Hedgehog of Death

Used to play dress up with your doll … er, action figure? Well, I betcha you didn’t do it exactly like this. The mad genius designers over at IC4DESIGN (neat opening sequence, btw!) created this prototype sculpture, called Hedgehog of Death, out of leather, metal spikes and awesomeness. Link – via Hypedot

Magnetic Spheres Sculptures by Dimitri Tishchenko

Photo: Dimitri Tishchenko [Flickr] By day, Dimitri Tischenko is a computer programmer. By night, he’s a mad genius constructing impossibly complex geometrical sculptures using neodymium magnet spheres (like the popular Buckyballs or other brands available online). The one above is titled 7-7 Tight Interlock Sphere, described by Dimitri as “two layered circles consisting of 7 balls … [...]

Movie Poster Mash Ups

(L) B3ta user Mighty Nibus; (R) hYpe Back in July, the B3ta community created some of the most creative movie poster mash-ups I’ve seen in a long while. As the two examples above show, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best (of course, it helps to be mad genius photoshoppers): Link – via The Litter Box [...]