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Re-Envisioned Cereal Box Characters

Are you tired of your cereal box mascots looking all cute and cuddly? Looking for a box that has more machismo, to match your ferocious outlook on life? Well, look no further than these re-envisioned cereal boxes by artist Guillermo Fajardo. He’s bringing the madness to a world hungry for “goodnees in fruit-flavor corn puff.” Mmmmmm….delicious and [...]

The Best Ron Swanson Quotes About Food

Ron Swanson delivers his lines with deadpan, moustachioed machismo, which only adds to the hilarious nature of what he’s saying, whether he’s discussing food, relationships or politics. This series of Ron Swanson quotes about food is sure to whet the appetite of every carnivore, and turn most vegans’ stomachs. Parks and Recreation fans know Ron Swanson [...]