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30 Famous People With Law Degrees

Law degree image via Shutterstock Second-guessing your career choice? You’re not alone. Even people who put themselves through many extra years of schooling sometimes end up changing their minds. That’s the case with many of these people, who ditched their law degrees in favor of other pursuits — quite successful ones at that. Authors 1. Washington Irving. The [...]

Liquid Art & Droplet Photography

“QUANTUM SHOT” #325(rev) Link – article by Avi Abrams One Ordinary Drop of Water: Liquid Art & Droplet Photography It certainly takes great skill and very good equipment to create these frozen-in-time “water sculptures”, in every captured frame revealing the inherent energy and the beautiful dynamics of flowing, cascading and dripping water: (“Dew-Soaked Dandelions” by Sharon Johnstone, see more [...]

Afternoon Giveaway: The Runaway Alarm Clock

Exciting news! The good people at UncommonGoods have given us a sack filled with cool stuff to hand out to our readers this week. (After sticking with us through our weird error messages all weekend, you guys deserve some quirky presents.) Let’s kick things off with Tocky, the Runaway Alarm Clock. “Designer Gauri Nanda created her first [...]

The Complicated Physics of a Dribbling Teapot

When flow from a teapot (or a liquor bottle) is very slow, the liquid has a propensity to dribble back along the surface of the spout. “Previous studies have shown that a number of factors affect [dribbling], such as the radius of curvature of the teapot lip, the speed of the flow and the “wettability” of [...]