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The Late Movies: Harpo Marx, Harpist

Harpo Marx, the “silent” Marx brother, was a phenomenal self-taught harpist — hence the nickname. (His given name was Adolph, later Americanized to Arthur.) Today I saw a clip of Harpo playing “Blue Moon” quite brilliantly, and thought I’d dig in to find some other performances — and I was really pleased by [...]

The “Lyrical Embarrassment” that is the Sesame Street Theme Song

My 17-month-old daughter is just getting into Sesame Street, and I have to say, I think I’m enjoying it even more than she is. But while I’m totally into the guest appearances by Andy Samberg and Will Arnett, her main thing right now is getting her groove on to the theme song. And who can [...]

When a Nine-Month-Old Picks a Bracket

Taking a cue from Jason’s daughter and her impressive knowledge of presidential facts, I thought perhaps I had a child prodigy of a different sort on my hands: master bracketologist. Based on her picks, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that maybe this isn’t her area of expertise. I couldn’t have [...]

The Surprisingly Scandalous History of Early Seattle

While many towns were built on corruption, greed and scandal, few are as embracing of these embarrassing roots as the residents of Seattle. Of course, it wasn’t always this way, around fifty years ago, most of the city’s residents only knew of the white-washed town history that was (and still is) retold in school history [...]

The Quick 10: The 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes

Remember how much fun it was to get a new costume for Halloween? It was such a big decision. Apparently a lot of us make the same decision, though – you’ll probably see a variety of these 10 characters on your doorstep this Halloween. 10. Athlete. Football players, soccer players, cheerleaders. 9. Disney princess. [...]