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Five Goofy Star Wars Re-Cuts

Need a way to nerd your way through the workday? Enjoy these re-cut Star Wars videos (they’re all short) by YouTube master OneMinuteGalactica. They’re completely safe for work, except for the fact that you’re watching Star Wars videos at work. Warning: stupid but funny. Ben Kenobi Won’t Shut Up Obi Wan’s got a walkie talkie and he [...]

Up In Arms

Pull up an armchair -you might be up in arms over this roundup of arm stories from mental_floss magazine! NO ARM, NO FOWL One afternoon in 1972, friends Jack Northrup and Jack Bishop were having lunch at their local drugstore in Olney, Texas, when they realized the strangers next to them were eavesdropping. The pair, both amputees, [...]

6 Series You Didn’t Know Were Made Up on the Fly

We all suspected that George Lucas didn’t really have his stories written in advance when it turned out that Luke Skywalker’s love interest was (spoiler alert!) his sister. That kind of thing happens more often than you think in movies and TV. For example, you’d expect with a TV show like 24, the story of [...]

Tyger, Burning Bright

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Tyger, Burning Bright Could this be the essence of magical realism? Dreamy, mesmerizing, brilliant… Produced by Guilherme Marcondes, of “Trattoria”, Brazil; based on a well-known William Blake’s poem: Link Today’s pictures & links: Walk Like a Dinosaur Spotted on the way to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota: (image credit: Matthew Franklin Jenkins) ———— Jungle Tree Island Tomás Sánchez is [...]

Spock Learns about Anger Management

(Video Link) YouTube user OneMinuteGalactica mashes up classic hygiene films with scenes from science fiction, such as Luke Skywalker’s and Leia’s first date. In this mashup, Spock is trying to overcome his problem with anger. As he will discover, only a fool fights in a burning house. via blastr

Jedi Police Officer Uses Mind Tricks on the Job

Pam Fleming, a police officer in Glasgow, UK, is a Jedi. She’s one of eight Jedi officers on the force, and she claims that she uses her supernatural abilities while at work: She even admits to using Jedi mind tricks during interviews with suspects in ‘an effort to achieve the truth’, although she tells industry magazine [...]

Star Wars Mice

Look at these cute mice made up as a Star Wars characters! They’re available from Etsy store TheHouseofMouse. You’ll also see R2D2, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker mice, plus mice from the cast of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and other stories. Link -via Geeks Are Sexy

Globe Turned into Jedi Training Remote

(Video Link) Remember the hovering sphere that Luke Skywalker used during his early lightsaber training with Obi-Wan Kenobi? YouTube user trooperkent made one of his own out of a hovering globe. via Make

The 13 Best Geek Halloween Costumes

Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume that really expresses your interests? Well, if you’re looking for something nerdy, geeky or dorky, we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to geeky Halloween costumes. Best Costume Based Around A Wheelchair: Darth Vader Tie Fighter If you thought wheelchair-bound people couldn’t have any fun on Halloween, think again. [...]

Cutting Open an Animal and Crawling Inside to Survive During a Storm in the Wild

Have you ever had to cut open an animal and crawl inside in order to survive during a storm? You know — like how Han Solo cut open a tauntaun and shoved Luke Skywalker inside during a snowstorm on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back? No? Well then, have I got a blog for you! Cutting [...]