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11 Early Scathing Reviews of Works Now Considered Masterpieces

Many pioneering artists have endured abuse from critics and naysayers. But once in a blue moon, time brings acceptance and acclaim, making those early detractors look silly to future generations. Check out how the following works—whose ‘classic’ status now seems self-evident—were once butchered by the Simon Cowells of yesteryear. CHIP EAST/Reuters /Landov 1. Leaves of Grass, by [...]

11 Musicians Who Overcame Disabilities

1. Ludwig van Beethoven At age 26, the great German composer and pianist began to lose his hearing. His problems began with a severe form of tinnitus, and it’s thought they may have been complicated by syphilis, lead poisoning, typhus, or possibly his habit of immersing his head in cold water to stay awake. Whatever the [...]

Beethoven’s Love Letters

This letter to an unnamed “Immortal Beloved” was found in the personal papers of Ludwig van Beethoven after his death in 1827. Though there’s debate over whom the letters were written to, there’s not much debate about whether or not Beethoven had it bad for the woman. A snippet: My bosom is full, to tell you [...]

Fur Elise with Animal Sounds

[YouTube - Link] The sounds of a cat on bass purr, a loon on lead vocal, two owls, wood stork and cuckoo (solo) are the sole musical instruments in this furry arrangement of the classic, Fur Elise, composed by Ludwig van Beethoven. You can see who is currently singing at the botton of the screen. – via SwitchZoo From [...]