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Plastic Chairs at Play

Can you spare a lift to a chair who’s down on his luck? This plastic chair is one of many partially melted and reshaped by Bert Loeschner. With small alternations, he has anthropomorphized them into creatures that play, work and love. Link -via Junkculture

5 Questions: All -ford You

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5 Questions: Warner

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5 Questions: Grand ‘Mariner’

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5 Questions: Empty ‘Ness’

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Loophole to McDonald’s Olympics Fries Monopoly

Want chips (French fries to us Yanks) at the Olympics? You’re out of luck: McDonald’s has got the monopoly on that. But, there is a clever loop hole. Find out how athletes can get their carb-laden fries over at The Daily What: [...]

The Ravens that Protect the Monarchy

Did you know the Tower of London is home to not only the Beef Eaters but also six ravens that are said to bring good luck to the monarchy? Well, technically there are seven right now, but that’s only because there are supposed to be six in place at all times so this way they [...]

LED Circuit Board Wallpaper

If you’ve been wanting to live inside a computer, you’re in luck! Ingo Maurer designed an LED-lit wallpaper panels that looks like giant circuit boards. Trendir has the pics: Link

The Cutest New Years Babies Ever

New Year’s babies are considered to be good luck, but when you’re as adorable as these baby leopard tortoises, you certainly don’t need to worry about luck. These little cuties were born at the Zoo Pragu, three on New Year’s Eve and three after midnight on New Year’s Day. While they’re tiny enough to fit [...]

5 Questions: Murray Up

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