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Goodbye, Barcelona!

(YouTube link) Lucas Jatobá spent three years living in Barcelona and had the time of his life. Now the Brazilian is moving to Sydney, Australia, and he wanted to do something nice to say goodbye to Barcelona. A Spanish travel website helped him with 250 theater tickets, which he attached to balloons and released over the [...]

Our Readers’ Favorite Bookstore Cats (Volume One)

One of the ways independent book stores distinguish themselves from the big chain stores is to make their shop into a literary home, where people like to hang out. Having a cat (or many cats) around is a simple way to do that -and it keeps the mice away! When 12 Bookstore Cats was posted [...]

The Men Behind the Masks

Chewbacca, Sloth, and Big Bird are all iconic roles, but could you pick any of the actors who played them out of a lineup? Probably not. Let’s take a look at the unheralded men behind the mask, under the makeup, or in the suit for a handful of memorable roles in movies and TV shows. [...]

Pink Hippo

Brothers Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas were on a trip to the Masai Mara in Kenya where they spotted an unusually pink baby hippo sunning along the riverbanks! The hippo was clearly a young one since it was much smaller than the others in the group. It was also very shy and tended to stick close to [...]

In The Beginning: Star Wars

A long time ago, in a state far out west, George Lucas created Star Wars. Striking Back One of our favorite Star Wars fan sites (and yes, we have favorites) has this to say about the origins of the trilogy: “A critic might say, ‘Oh, Lucas combined Flash Gordon with Akira Kurosawa … and sewed it all [...]

World’s Tallest Couple

With a combined height of more than 13ft, this is the world’s tallest married couple.But if Wilco Van Kleef-Bolton and his wife Keisha’s two children keep growing they may end up with the world’s tallest family title too.Son Lucas, four, is already 3ft 11in – the height of a seven-year-old – and daughter Eva, two, [...]

10 Bizarre Divorce Settlements

Divorce is almost always a messy business, but certain settlements between former beloveds end up being downright absurd. Forget child custody, what happens when a couple has shared possession of a goat? Have a look at 10 examples of offbeat divorce settlements. 1. Now That’s a Breakup Record Marvin Gaye was a tremendous singer, but he [...]

The Star Wars Holiday Special: Boring fans for 31 years

31 years ago today, on Nov 17, 1978, CBS broadcast what has become one of the most maligned TV programs of all time, The Star Wars Holiday Special.  It was so bad Lucas disowned it and famously said he’d want to smash every bootleg copy with a sledgehammer.  This article takes a look back at [...]

10 Geeky Laws That Should Exist

Matt Blum of Wired’s GeekDad blog came up with a list of 10 geeky laws that should exist, but for some inexplicable reason, do not (at least, they didn’t until now). For example: 1. Munroe’s Law: A person in a geeky argument who can quote xkcd to support his position automatically wins the argument. This law [...]

3 American Border Disputes You Probably Never Studied

This article was originally posted last year. When America was being divvied up, surveyors and cartographers were as accurate as possible drawing the boundaries between these new regions. Unfortunately, mistakes were still made. And minor map mistakes led to years of fighting—sometimes in the courts, and sometimes on the field of battle. 1. The Toledo War: [...]