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Spiked Thumb Helps Frog Become Both a Lover and a Fighter

Photo: N. Iwai Are you a lover and not a fighter? Not this frog! Japanese researcher Noriko Iwai of the University of Tokyo discovered that the rare and endangered Japanese Otton frog (Babina subaspera) [...]

Massive insect found in New Zealand

Nature lover Mark Moffett spent two days tracking down the largest ever specimen of the giant weta. The giant cricket-like species lives only on Littl…

How Will Shortz Edit a Crossword Puzzle

If you’re a crossword puzzle lover, then the name Will Shortz will require no introduction. The New York Times crossword puzzle editor, and the only known person to hold a degree in enigmatology, is simply legendary. Alex Hoyt wrote a fascinating post [...]

Graphing Worn Out Cinema Trends

If you’re a movie lover – or you just love to hate on movies – you’ll probably enjoy the series of movie cliché graphic posters created for the New York International Latino Film Festival by the Wing Agency: Check out the rest at Ads of the World.

Shelby GT500 Wireless Road Mice

Shelby GT500 Wireless Road Mice – $54.95 | All Ford Road Mice Psst, is your Dad a Shelby lover? Here’s the pefect Father’s Day gift: the Shelby GT500 Wireless Road Mice computer mouse from the NeatoShop. The 2.4 GHz USB wireless mouse, compatible with both PC and Mac, lets your favorite car lover cruise the web [...]

Classical Chicken

Greetings culture lover and citizens of the world wide web, the Muppets present … The Blue Danube by Classical Chicken! Move over, Rebecca Black! Surely this makes your day better: Hit play or go to link [YouTube] – via Swiss Miss

The Romance of Radio Astronomy

The Romance of Radio Astronomy – $14.95 If your lover is a star lover (no, not the celebrity kind – the massive, luminous ball of plasma kind), then here’s the perfect T-shirt for you: The Romance of Radio Astronomy from the NeatoShop by Mark Heath of Nobrow Cartoons. Perfect for Valentine’s Day gift, too! Like that? See [...]

Mad Monks & Bullet-Proof Corsets

The story of the Romanov family seems tailor-made for Hollywood (and Hollywood has embraced it, many times) with fabulous wealth and power, war and revolution, personal heartaches, conflicts, romance, deception, and action -including chase scenes. Parts of their history would be considered too unbelievable if it were presented as fiction. For example, the Russian royal [...]

Spurned Mistress Buys Billboards

When most people feel cheated by their lover, they complain to friends or maybe trash some of the other person’s property left at their house. But YaVaughnie Wilkins is not most people. After seeing that Oracle President Charles Phillips was going back to his wife, she bought $250,000 worth of billboards in Atlanta, San Francisco and [...]