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How To Write a Love Letter

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research. (Image credit: Flickr user Kristina Alexanderson) An application of current communications techniqueby Joshua LedermanSpecial Instructor of Writing Department of English, Emmanuel College, Boston, Massachusetts [EDITOR’S NOTE: Professor Lederman has tried, for many years, to teach college students how to write. He got to thinking about [...]

A Coatimundi & A Fennec Fox Fell In Love One Day

(Video Link) I can’t help but think that part of the reason they fell in love was because the  fennec had such tasty ear wax. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Understanding Twilight

I get it now, I understand Twilight. It’s a classic high school love story really, at its core. Girl feels misunderstood, strange boy understands her – they live misunderstood together. Well maybe it isn’t all that simple but you get the gist. Link

Great Game of Thrones Rings

Looking for something romantic and geeky to share with the love of your life? Then maybe you should check out these great couples rings inspired by Daenerys’ & Drogo’s nicknames for each other in Game of Thrones. Link Via Chasing At Starlight

The Literary Bond vs. the Movie Version

How does the 007 of film stack up against the original Ian Fleming books? Author Allen Bara contrasts the Bond of the novels with the cinematic Bond so many more people are familiar with. The agent that Ian Fleming created was not physically imposing, his tastes in food and drink were almost plebeian, he wasn’t [...]

Skull Watch, c. 1640-1650

This spooky watch, which measures under two inches across, was made by Swiss watchmaker Isaac Penard (1619-1676). If I had one, I’d love for people to ask me for the time just so I could see their reactions when I pull it out. Link -via Anachronistic Exploration | Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art

If Lost Return to …

It’s not often that a set of T-shirts work for both love and Alzheimer’s. Via CubicleBot and FAIL Blog

24 Useful Words From Laádan, a Language Invented to Express a Woman’s Point of View

In 1981, author Suzette Haden Elgin was working on a speech when she began to wonder why feminist science fiction always portrayed either matriarchy, where women were superior to men, or androgyny, where women were equal to men. What about another alternative, where women were simply different from men? Perhaps it was difficult to imagine [...]

Rattlesnake and Rabbit Sausage with Jalapeños

I’ve never eaten rattlesnake before, but I’d love to try it someday. I suppose that I could try to hunt them, but it might save time to just buy the meat online. Have you eaten it? What does it taste like? Link -via Nerdcore

Marie Curie’s Sex Scandal

Sex scandal and Nobel Prize winner don’t usually go hand-in-hand, so that’s why this story about physicist Marie Curie’s torrid love affair with a married man was huge news back then. Why, it even led to a duel and a [...]