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Understanding Twilight

I get it now, I understand Twilight. It’s a classic high school love story really, at its core. Girl feels misunderstood, strange boy understands her – they live misunderstood together. Well maybe it isn’t all that simple but you get the gist. Link

Breakbad Mountain

(YouTube link) Creative editing once again takes a story out of context and makes into something completely different. In this case, the TV show Breaking Bad become a tender love story -between Walt and Jesse. You could say they have “chemistry.”  -via Buzzfeed

‘Twilight’ Gets the Bad Lip Reading Treatment

If you aren’t familiar with Bad Lip Reading, now is a great time to get current. Movie clips and commercials are dubbed with whatever words seem tomatch the speakers’ mouths. And it’s brilliant. This time, BLR tackles Bella and Edward’s super-complicated romance, and as Buzzfeed rightfully notes, “it’s still a better love story than Twilight.” Link [...]

A Slice of Life

(YouTube link) Terry Border of Bent Objects presents his “first good sized” animation. It’s a love story! Link -via Everlasting Blort Previously: An interview with Terry Border.

Brokeback Seinfeld

(Video Link) It’s a love story about nothing…and it might be one of the funniest parody videos I’ve seen in a very long time. Via BuzzFeed


(vimeo link) John and Sandra have an everyday love story, but it’s the kind of love story that we all want. And it makes a great little movie. -via The Daily What