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Anais Mittins

(YouTube link) Meet Anais Mittins. Le jeune fille chat is carrying a torch for Henri, the Existential Cat. This is her feline love letter. -via Buzzfeed

Coney Island Love Letter

(vimeo link) Coney Island has gone through a lot of changes in the past couple of decades, but it still has its charm. Neatoramanaut Robert Kolodny made this love letter to the Brooklyn seaside neighborhood. -Thanks, Robert!

Michael Jordan Has Terrible Grammar

But I’m willing to excuse that, because this love letter penned by the basketball great in 1980 is just so sweet. Jordan’s two-page note to his “dearest Laquette”¬†sold at auction for $5,100.66; Letters of Note posted it in full this week with a transcript. The best part? “I am trying get down there a week [...]

A Love Letter For You, Murals by Stephen Powers

Urban art comes in all kinds of flavor, but this may be my favorite: “A Love Letter For You,” a project by Stephen Powers where he paints various murals with lovey-dovey messages around Philadelphia (yes, the City of Brotherly Love – how appropriate!) Just in time for Valentine’s Day, too! Link – via 30gms

7 Fascinating Love Letters

Have you ever written a love letter? How did it turn out? Sappy or clever? I betcha it’s not as awesome as this one sent about 100 years ago by William Weightman. He wrote the entire thing in rebus (for example, the word “dearest” is formed using a picture of a deer followed by the [...]