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Amtrak’s $16 Burger

You can get $16 hamburgers at fancy restaurants, but it takes Big Government’s Amtrak to sell hamburgers that cost that much AND incur a loss of $834 million over the past 10 years. The secret? Amtrak sells microwaved burgers for $9.50, but [...]

Farmer blames "death ray" for cow deaths

A Canadian farmer is being charged over the loss of more than 250 of his cows in a ten year period. Werner Bock has denied that he is maltreating his …

New findings on astronaut vision loss

An investigation is underway to determine why some astronauts have been experiencing loss of vision. New research in to the mysterious loss of eyesigh…

A Lady Knows How to Properly Insult Another

I am at a loss to explain why I love Downton Abbey, but I do. This is not an unusual sentiment. And the Dowager Countess has become my favorite character. She’s unflappable, faithful to her sense of honor, and knows how to lay down a few words. Sunday Avery summarized her neatly in this cross [...]

Scientists Grow Functional Anal Sphincter in Petri Dish

The loss of sphincter control is a common and humiliating problem for aging adults. Researchers led by Shreya Rhagavan of the University of Michigan Medical School may have developed a solution: a replacement sphincter grown inside a laboratory. So far, eight such bioengineered anal sphincters have been successfully implanted in mice. The team hopes to [...]

Limited Lifetime of the Solar System

The following is an article from the science humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research. by Steve Trimberger With the loss of Pluto, the number of major planets in our solar system has dropped to eight. If the current trend continues, then come April 13, 3703 the solar system will no longer have any major planets. My analysis, [...]

Jabba the Hutt Serenity Prayer Cross Stitch

I’m at a loss to explain precisely why, but somehow this cross stitch featuring Jabba the Hutt, Princess Leia as his slave, and the Serenity Prayer makes perfect sense. It was made by Emily and Matt Fitzpatrick. Their website is filled with similar cross stitch samplers inspired by pop culture. Link and Etsy Store via Urlesque

A Pictorial Guide To Avoiding Camera Loss

When trying to prevent the loss of your digital camera, a good practice is to take a photo of your name and contact info. That way, if someone finds it when you leave it in the planetarium, you at least have a chance of getting it back. Andrew McDonald took that concept to the next level, [...]