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8 Wonderful Terraced Pools Around the World

Looks ice cold, doesn’t it? Actually, the water is quite warm at the Pamukkale terraces in Turkey. The white formations are deposits of minerals from spring water that built up into a series of dams, making the terraced pools what they are. That process is typical of the eight places featured in this list, although [...]

But Do They Have Any Nuka Cola?

Looks like they’re fresh out of Nuka Cola, but you’ll probably take in less RADs if you try an Espresso Royale or an Italian soda. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

Breaking Batman

(YouTube link) Looks like the Dark Knight is dabbling in some illegal chemistry! This mashup of Breaking Bad and the many Batman movies works disturbingly well. Oh, and if you haven’t kept up with the series so far, this contains some Breaking Bad spoilers. -via The Daily What Geek

Edible Ashtray and Cigarette Butts

Looks like some people had a great time at a party. Tons of cupcakes, sweets, and … what are those yucky ashtrays and cigarette butts doing on the table? Turns out, those are edible ashtrays by Miss Cakehead and [...]

Post-It Notes Megaman

Looks like someone had a lot of extra multicolored Post-It Notes and a love for Megaman. What other classic video game characters should he try making with Post-It Notes? Link

This Dog Really Doesn’t Want A Bath

(Video Link) Looks like someone’s been watching too many cartoons lately. After all, I think the only other place I’ve seen this behavior is in Looney Toons episodes. Via BuzzFeed

The Noid is Back!

Looks like Domino’s is capitalizing on the trend of revitalizing ’80s and ’90s ad campaigns and programming, because the Noid is back! (Remember when he had his own video game?) If you like Domino’s on Facebook, you can play their Noid shootout game and receive a coupon for a free pizza if you’re the high [...]

Wizards Hack Into Lexington Road Sign

This is my last Harry Potter post for the day, I swear. Looks like some pranksters in Lexington, Kentucky, used the ol’ road sign hacking trick to warn Muggles about Death Eaters ahead. Sure hope they have enough Galleons to get bailed out of jail if they’re caught! Link via PostSecret

PETMAN Walks Like A Man

Looks like Boston Dynamics, the robot company that brought us BigDog and RHex, has worked out how to make a robot walk like a man. This is PETMAN, a robot that is supposed to serve humans. Currently it is used to test chemical warfare suits for the military. Link (with embedded YouTube clip)