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Beyond Sharks: Truly Scary Deep Sea Creatures

Shark Week might be over, but the truly horrific creatures in the bottom of the sea don’t need a week of TV to remind people how scary they are. With such massively deep and large oceans spread across the globe, it’s no wonder there are so many mysterious and strange creatures lurking below the waves. In [...]

Your Desk Job is Killing You

You know what’s worse than NOT having a job? Having a desk job. A new study in Australia has found that sitting down for long periods of time will hasten your death: The study of more than 200,000 men and women in NSW [...]

The Late Movies: Time Lapses and Amazing Transformations

It’s become a kind of meme on YouTube of late: projects in which people document themselves over long periods of time and then compress the footage — or series of stills — so that their aging, or weight loss/gain, or what-have-you over the course of years is squeezed into just a few minutes. The results [...]

The Perfect Coffee Cup

Using a new, high-tech material, German scientists Klaus Sedlbauer and Herbert Sinnesbichler have developed a coffee cup that will keep your drink at the optimum temperature for drinking. Phase change material (PCM) was already in use as a building and clothing material because of its temperature-regulating capability. Now it will keep your coffee from going [...]