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Stargate Wedding Ring

Hopefully a marriage joined with this ring will last more than 38 minutes. The Seattle-based company Wedding Band Designs says that the inner ring spins like a real stargate. This is just a design concept, so I hope that it does spin, or else we’ll be stuck here for a long, long time. Link -via When [...]

Delightfully Retro Star Wars Posters

Remember, Star Wars did take place a long, long time ago, so really it only makes sense that their recruitment posters would look vintage to us. Cat Staggs aka Gattadonna on DeviantArt, made this series as part of a Star Wars Celebration art show in Orlando schedule to start next month. Link Via BoingBoing

Custom Volkswagen Imperial Walker

If Star Wars took place in the groovy 1960s, instead of “a long, long time ago”, the Imperial Walkers might have looked something like this bad boy. A Volkswagen bus cleverly attached to some AT-AT legs might not look like the most menacing thing on the battlefield, but there’s no better way to ride in style [...]