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7 Ways to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage (Statistically Speaking)

While these certainly aren’t guaranteed (please don’t cite us in your divorce petition), here are some things science says will make you less likely to get divorced. Cake image via Shutterstock 1. Quit Smoking A study published in 2010 (PDF here) found that if only one partner smoked, it caused more marital problems than differing religions, different backgrounds, [...]

Control Population to Limit Climate Change

As the world looks to Copenhagen for solutions to a changing climate, China’s vice-minister of the National Population and Family Planning Commission has expressed a viewpoint that has generally been overlooked or ignored – that it may be more effective to limit world population growth than to limit CO2 emissions per se. As a result [...]

Condoms cheapest way to fight climate change

Condoms :cheapest way to fight climate change Condoms are the cheapest way to reduce carbon emissions, claims a controversial new report. According to the report for the UK’s Optimum Population Trust, putting the brake on global population growth would be five times cheaper than any other method of tackling the world’s greenhouse gases. The study, which was compiled [...]