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Police Start Giving Angry Drunk People Lollipops to Calm Them Down

The city of Victoria, British Columbia, is taking a new approach to handling drunken, out-of-control revelers causing trouble in public places. The police hand such people lollipops. Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe explained why it works: Ms. Thornton-Joe said after the men popped a lolly in their mouths, their nasty energy all but dissolved. “They got calmer after [...]

Blood Lollipop for Tigers

What do you give a 200-lb lean, mean killing machine to keep ‘em cool and happy during a hot day? A lollipop … made of blood! That’s what the keepers at the London Zoo gave their tigers to help keep them cool: Link

Bacon Lollipop

Bacon Lollipop – $3.95 We know what kind of candy your hoping to get in your Easter basket this Sunday. Who can resist the sweet meaty goodness of the Bacon Lollipop from the NeatoShop! It’s dripping with deliciousness. Be sure to check out the Bacon Store for all your bacon needs!

Dietribes: Lollipop Lollipop, oh lolli Lollipop

• Edible candy on a stick has been around for centuries in many forms, though the “lolly pop” as we now know it was fashioned in the 1920s. Even as far back as the Middle Ages, royalty would sometimes eat boiled sugar with sticks. • A question that has been around perhaps as long as the candy itself [...]