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Cat Sits Like a Human, Also Watches Cartoons Like a Human

(Video Link) I’m not sure what he’s doing with the touchpad on the computer. Unfortunately, the video cuts out right before he asks for a beer and logs into Twitter. -via Yababoon

Lincoln Logs’ Famous Inventor – and How Much He Sold Out For

You can probably deduce who John Lloyd Wright’s famous dad was. But what you may not know is that John made his own massive contribution to design in an arena totally different than his father’s: toys. Perhaps inspired by Frank’s Imperial Hotel, John received US Patent 1,351,086 on August 31, 1920 for a “Toy-Cabin Construction.” I [...]

Fun with Logs

All you need to have for a fun evening with a too-trusting friend are a couple of logs, a long piece of 2 by 4s, a bin, and a blindfold. Here’s a simple yet diabolically genious prank that you shouldn’t pull on anybody, you hear? Link