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Batman Bookshelves

Fahmi Sami’s bookshelves are perfect for your own Batcave library. They’re modeled on the logo from The Dark Knight trilogy. He also produces another set that juxtaposes this logo with a 1960s version. Link -via Technabob

Meaning of the Atari Logo

Atari’s first hired artist, George Opperman, explained the logic behind his 1972 creation, the iconic "Fuji" Atari logo: “George tells us that the corporate logo basically represents a stylized letter ‘A’ to stand for ‘Atari.’ [...]

8 Sounds That Are Trademarked

Most of us are aware that you can trademark a slogan, a logo, and a name, but did you know that it is also possible to trademark a sound? Of course, in order to get approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, said sound must “uniquely identify the commercial origin of the product [...]

11 Internet Tattoos

While I may be a tattooed professional blogger, I’ve never been driven to get a tattoo of something related to the internet—especially given how fast things fizzle out online. These folks don’t seem to mind the short shelf-life of most websites, though. Here are 11 people with internet-related tattoos. 1. Reddit Star Wars You knew someone out [...]

Evolution of Windows Logo

Perhaps Microsoft is trying to get its mojo back by turning back the clock, at least when it comes to Windows logo. Vlad Savov of The Verge noticed that the company’s newest Windows 8 logo looks very much like [...]

DC Launches Charity Campaign Fronted By Justice League

DC Comics has been making some ambitious moves lately, from a logo re-design to a 52 title relaunch, but their newest move should prove to be most heroic-a charity called We Can Be Heroes which will raise money to benefit humanitarian efforts in Africa. Here’s the dollars and cents of it all: Donations of any amount [...]

The Old Milwaukee Brewers Logo Was an M and a B

The Milwaukee Brewers just won their first playoff series since 1982. I just wanted to point out the M and B in their old logo. I thought I was the last person to figure this out, but there’s a Facebook group called “Best Day of My Life: When I Realized the Brewers Logo Was a [...]

Transformers Chest Hair

What could make this even more awesome? If the guy had shaved the Decepticons’ logo into his back hair. Link -via Geekologie | Photo: unknown

Fake Logos From The Movies collects fictional logos or designs that only exist to represent a fake company in a film. One my favorite logo from film is the “Clamp” corporation from Gremlins 2: The New Batch, which was clearly a parody of Trump. What is your favorite fake logo from the movies? Link

Fun With Famous Logos

Have you sent a package via FedEx recently? If so, you might have noticed that that image above is not their logo. It’s actually the UPS logo reimagined as that of their biggest competitor. If you didn’t notice that right away, don’t beat yourself up. You’re probably just a busy person. Why not just slow things [...]