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Turkish village is latest doomsday hotspot

A village in Turkey has become the latest location deemed to be a haven from the Mayan apocalypse. With around 600 inhabitants, Sirince has seen an un…

Robbie Williams to build UFO spotting base

The former ‘Take That’ singer believes White Rock Island in California would be the ideal location. It is believed that Robbie is hoping to purchase t…

10 Fictional Restaurants

Why do fictional restaurants end up seeming better than the real thing? Because you can’t eat there and be disappointed! They don’t have to deal with things like location, expenses, talent, or business sense because they are just …fictional. Read about ten such tempting eateries at Unreality, with more discussed in the comments. Shown here [...]


Today, I’d like to introduce you to a fascinating, new-ish site/app called Trover, the next great collection of User Generate Content (UGC). If you go to their Web site, you’ll find the most basic, simplest user interface since Just type in your location, or any location, and start to browse a treasure trove (hence the [...]

Has King Arthur’s round table been found ?

Archaeologists may have discovered the location of Arthur’s round table in Stirling, Scotland. A circular feature has been identified underneath the m…

Rorschmap Uses Google Maps to Make Crazy Kaleidoscopic Images

I have spent hours just typing in a random location and using Google Maps to “visit” it with the street view application. If that wasn’t entertaining enough (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it) Rorschmap is a website created by James Bridle which takes Google Maps and creates Kaleidoscope like images out of them. Link

U.S. City Names According to Twitter

Graphic link I must be the only person on Twitter who calls their location by its real name. A recent study by InboxQ revealed that 66% of Tweeters have either made up a location entirely (“John Malkovich’s brain”) or use clever nicknames for their cities. The latter is what you’ll find represented in this “America According [...]

Propensity of Cussing in the United States

Cartographer Daniel Huffman measured the propensity of six swear words in tweets by geographic location within the 48 contiguous states. So this map is actually adjusted for population. Redder areas swear a lot more than blacker areas. Link via Geekologie

Mona Lisa landscape mystery solved

Historian Carla Glori may have identified the location shown in Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting. Glori believes that the three-arch-bridge visible in th…

Reverse Geocache Puzzle Box

Mikal Hart wanted to give his friend a wedding present like no other – so he engineered a box that can only be opened at a particular location. Here’s the story of the Reverse Geocache Puzzle Box: Hmm. What does “Distance 391km” mean? “Access Denied” suggests that getting inside the box is indeed the objective of [...]