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Who Says Cupcakes Have to Be Sweet?

This BBQ pulled pork cupcake from the Bourbon Steak Lounge in Washington D.C. may not be full of sugar, but it’s loaded with something just as good -sweet, saucy pork. As for the batter, it happens to be made with cheddar scallion biscuit batter. Sure it sounds a little odd, but I’m willing to bet this [...]

The Late Movies: How It’s Made

If you’ve never seen the show How It’s Made, you’re missing a fascinating look into how some of the most ordinary products around you are constructed. Tonight for the Late Movies, here are a few examples of incredibly complex processes used to make items we probably take for granted. Before landing on your plate or in [...]

Why a Diet of Twinkies Makes Sense

Kansas State University professor Mark Haub ate a Twinkies every three hours for ten weeks and lost 27 pounds! His cholesterol numbers improved as well. Haub put himself through this horrible regimen to prove a point: weight loss is all about caloric intake, not the type of food you eat. James Plafke at Geekosystem explains: When [...]