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Looking For A $16 Burger That’s Actually Worth $16?

Earlier, Alex posted that Amtrack’s burgers cost $16 -and from what I can tell, they aren’t even very good. If you want to shell out $16 for a burger that’s actually worth the cost (and happen to live in Japan), then you might want to head over to Wendy’s. Sure, their stateside burgers might not be [...]

The Late Movies: Lobsters

By the time you read, I will be stuffing my face with lobster rolls in Maine. Pretend you’re on vacation with me by checking out these lobster-themed songs. (Plus find out why you shouldn’t trust Friends when it comes to this crustacean.) Rock Lobster According to a 2010 article, John Lennon was inspired to begin recording [...]

Giant lobster fished up in Maine

A 27-pound lobster the size of a small child has been caught after becoming trapped in a shrimp net. Nicknamed ‘Rocky’ and measuing 40 inches the huge…

Rocky the Lobster

Photo: Maine State Aquarium Love lobster? At 27-pound, "Rocky" the lobster is so huge that if you see him at the dinner table, I’m not sure who is dinner: you or the 40-inch-long crustacean! The [...]

Twilight Zone San Francisco

(YouTube link) A 9 to 5 office worker calls in sick and thinks he will have the city to himself during business hours. He is surprised to find that he’s in the minority. Reaction to this video is that this happens in every big city. I can attest that it is the case in small towns, [...]

Dietribes: Lobster Tales

• Lobster love goes back a long way (1605 marks the first recorded lobster catch), while the creatures were more than plentiful in the 17th and 18th centuries. But originally these sea creatures were consider pauper’s food – there are stories of indentured servants having it written into their contracts that they could not be served [...]

9 Essential Facts for the Crustacean Enthusiast

1. LET THEM EAT LOBSTER! In colonial America, lobster wasn’t the delicacy it is today. In fact, it was so cheap and plentiful, it was a staple for prisoners and servants. One group of servants from Massachusetts actually grew so tired of eating lobster that they took the employers to court, where a judge ruled that [...]

Rare Electric-Blue Lobster

Only one in four million lobsters is blue, a genetic mutation in coloring that makes for an interesting-looking creature. This blue lobster was caught Wednesday off the shores of Prince Edward Island, the only one since 2009. Blair Doucette, the fisherman who nabbed the beauty, says he has never caught a blue lobster in his [...]

Biodegradable Golf Balls Made From Lobster Shells

David Neivandt, a professor at the University of Main, and Alex Caddell, an undergraduate student there, have developed a golf ball made from the shells of lobsters. Though biodegradable golf balls already exist, this is the first to be made with crushed lobster shells with a biodegradable binder and coating, creating value from waste material. “We’re [...]

Crab with three pincers caught by fishermen

A mutant crab with three pincers has been fished up in a lobster pot off the coast of Northumberland. Nicknamed Claude the crab was donated to the Blu…