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I’m Ready for My Bath

Can’t a lizard get a little privacy in here? I don’t know about you guys, but I would buy any bubble bath that used this in its advertising. Link

Loving The Lizard

(Video Link) Somehow this almost seems like a Sobe ad, but this kitten with his lizard friend are way too sweet to be shilling anything but love. Via Cute Overload

Bullfrog Plays Ant Crusher

(Video Link) You’ve already seen the video of the horned lizard playing Ant Crusher, but if you were curious what a bullfrog would do in the same situation, here’s your answer. Apparently, they are a lot more bitter about being cheated out of a meal. Via Geekosystem

"Lizard Man" returns to haunt South Carolina

A mysterious creature is being blamed for a series of car bumper vandalisms in the United States. The so-called “Lizard Man” is a legend that hasn’t b…

Scientists create self-cloning lizards

Genetics researchers have created a new species of lizard by mating two other distinct species. The new lizards are all female and can reproduce witho…

Scientists Create All-Female Species of Lizard

Who needs males when you have parthenogenesis? With a little help from science, biologist Peter Baumann and collagues have created an all-female lizard species: Researchers have bred a new species of all-female lizard, mimicking a process that has happened naturally in the past but has never been directly observed. “It’s recreating the events that lead to new [...]

17 Most Extreme Scar Tattoos

If you thought face tattoos were intense and are frightened of the guy who turned himself into The Lizard Man, then you are really going to be squeamish when it comes to the Scar Tattoos featured in this gallery. My favorite is the guy who got his dog tattooed on his arm. Link

flying dragon lizard

flying dragon lizardXianglong (meaning “flying lizard” in Chinese) is a genus of Cretaceous lizard discovered in the Liaoning Province of China. It is known from LPM 000666, a single complete skeleton with skin impressions. The specimen comes from the Barremian-age Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation, near Yizhou. The most notable feature about Xianlong is its bizarre [...]

Lizards’ camouflage reveals evolution

Two species of lizard that have developed white scales for camouflage are giving scientists a chance to see evolution in action. This change in color …

6 Animals That Show Mother Nature’s Sense of Humor

You’ve heard jokes like these all your life: What do you get if you cross an octopus with a cow? An animal that can milk itself. I didn’t find such an animal, but the world has plenty of strange species that at first glance appear to be hybrids of unrelated species because they have attributes [...]