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The Missing Links: Life at the Fair

LIFE at the Fair Check out these shots from their photo gallery of shots taken at a 1930s fair, a collection that includes this baffling shot of chimps in little cars. * Will Ferrell. In Sweden. Drinking Old Milwaukee. Makes perfect sense, right? * You Just Never Know: Do We Actually Live In A Giant Computer Simulation? You wouldn’t [...]

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Ben Folds!

Today Ben Folds celebrates his 46th birthday, and we rock along with him. I’ve always liked Ben — his mix of emotional and geeky songs appeals to me, as do his guts in naming his three-piece band “Ben Folds Five.” Let’s check a few classic performances by the man and (at times) his [...]

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury

Today would have been Freddie Mercury‘s 66th birthday. We lost him in 1992, the same year Wayne’s World brought his opus “Bohemian Rhapsody” to a new generation. Mercury had a stunning voice, spanning four octaves, and his stage presence was sized to match. To blow your mind, check out this vocals-only track [...]

A Hunter S. Thompson Board Game

Live your life like Hunter S, Thompson did, and you could find yourself arrested, wealthy, loved by fans, insane, lauded as a genius, or dead. Who wants to take those chances? It’s much safer to pretend you’re Hunter S. Thompson with the board game modeled on his best-known book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. [...]

Intruder Thwarted

(Live Leak link) What a great watch cat! Though… I suspect that the cat wouldn’t care a bit if the raccoon made off with the jewelry or the fruit bowl or the camera. He was probably just defending his food bowl. -via Buzzfeed

The Late Movies: “Paul’s Boutique” Turns 23

The Beastie Boys released their opus Paul’s Boutique today, July 25, way back in 1989. (To some of us that doesn’t seem so long ago.) It was their second record, and the band faced tremendous pressure to meet or exceed Licensed to Ill, known for anthemic party-rock/hip-hop hits like “(You Gotta) Fight for [...]

Garbage Disposal in a Volcano

(Live Leak link) Campers in Ethopia threw a bag of garbage into a volcanic crater to see what would happen. The bag broke through the thin crust covering a pool of magma and allowed the lava to spew out. And, of course, the garbage was incinerated. No word on whether they were fined for littering. -via [...]

Fishing, Interrupted

(Live Leak link) When you hooked that 600-pound marlin, you didn’t realize you were just baiting the hook for even bigger fish. Sharks don’t care how much you paid for that deep-sea fishing excursion! -via I Am Bored

PostSecret Live 2012 Tour Schedule

Our pal Frank Warren of PostSecret has just posted his 2012 PostSecret Live speaking tour and book signing schedule (The one near me is sold out, boo hoo!). If you’re nearby, it’s definitely worth [...]

How to Step Over a Rope Blindfolded

(Live Leak link) Some things are the same the world over. This one is from Pakistan. -via Arbroath