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Santa Hat Ice Cream Cones

All you need to make your own great Santa hat is a little water to bend the cone and some warm red melting chocolate to add some color. Holiday Happenings has all the details to make your own. Link

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on Bottles

(YouTube link) This is for all those folks who says they would have learned to play music if they could afford an instrument. All you need is someone’s recycling bin and a little water. And may a couple of spoons. This busker was recorded playing Mozart on the streets of Copenhagen. -via Say OMG

Grow A Geek

Grow A Geek – $2.95 Are you a geek or nerd in need of true companionship? Don’t waste precious time and resources searching for someone who can live up to your demanding intellectual standards. Get the Grow a Geek from the NeatoShop. Add a little water and the Grow A Geek is happy to be your [...]

Personal Hydrofoil

The Aquaskipper is a clever little water toy that allows a user to skim the surface of a body of water. Here’s how it works: Every time you jump, the force of your weight compresses the fiberglass spring, causing the back foil to change its angle. From the same impact of your jump, the angled back [...]