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He Is Undercover

This little guy testified against the world’s most dangerous golden retriever, which is why he’s now in the witness pugtection program. Link Via Bah Humpug

You’ve Never Seen A Fart This Cute Before

(Video Link) Toot! Toot! Here’s the iguana fart train. The best part is that it actually seems to push the little guy up in the air a little. Via Pets Lady

I Just Came to Say Hello

(Video Link) This little guy needed a lift, so rather than hitchhike, he just decided to jump on board and hope his cuteness would keep him afloat. Needless to say, his plan worked. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

What Do You Mean It Won’t Fit?

(Video Link) Poor guy, he just wants to show his new friend where he lives, but either his friend refuses to come inside or his owners refuse to let his friend in. Whatever the reason, it’s very frustrating for the little guy. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

The World’s Best Trained Chinchilla

(Video Link) As a proud chinchilla owner, I can tell you, it’s hard enough to socialize them, let alone train them. That’s why this video is just so darn impressive -aside from how adorable the little guy is on his own.

Buck Up With The Corgi Rodeo

(Video Link) Some dogs chase their tails, but this little guy seems to have a blast chasing his stuffed cowboy -and his owners have a blast watching him do it. Link

Baby Raccoon in a Bathtub

(YouTube link) This little guy’s having all kinds of fun trying to catch running water. How cute can it get? -via The Daily What