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Dad Pulls The Long Troll

Take your time – read the sign. I feel bad for this little girl, her dad is a Reddit troll. Somehow I think this will end up as a traumatic event for this girl, she will never want to sign another contract again. Marriage? Forget about it! She has already made one 17 year commitment [...]

Alligator Steals a Little Girl’s Fish

(Video Link) A little girl is fishing with her daddy. She hooks a big one and begins reeling it in. But she has competition. -via Daily of the Day

Graphicus Interruptus

This Photoshop Disaster looks like a paper doll cutout! Not that there’s anything wrong with that -if you’re a little girl playing with paper. But this is an item in an online bridal catalogue. I can imagine that the editor was working late into the night combining a mannequin and a model and was so [...]

Bouncing Kids in Sweaters

(YouTube link) Baby goats in cute little sweaters jump around on the porch with a little girl. Squee! See more videos of the same goats at Laughing Squid. Link

The World’s Saddest Horse

Of course, while the stallion may be embarrassed beyond belief, the little girl looks ridiculously happy with her cute outfit and amazing costume. Link Via BuzzFeed

Ana Somnia

All you need to do is turn off the lights to unleash this little girl’s dreams -or you might call them nightmares. Link -Thanks, Richard Schumann!

Woman claims demon drove her from home

A woman in Texas was driven to leave the home she was renting due to a series of paranormal sightings of a little girl that in one session with a …