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Flight Of The Homo Digitalis

In a strange alternate universe where sock puppets have replaced people, and their ancestors are naked hands, being the ultimate predator means having the strongest grip. DeviantARTist postapocalypsia sculpted this far out piece as a tribute to the “hand made and hands on aspects of our society.” Seems like a handy little fellow to have around! Link

Amigurumi Tattoo Machine

This cute little fellow made by Ohioja wants to ink you up. It won’t hurt a bit. You want your girlfriend’s name on your arm? Great idea! Now hold still. Link -via Craft

Teddy Bear Breakfast

Shh! Don’t wake the little fellow. Let him doze. We can go hungry for a while. Hiyoko555 made this breakfast in the guise of Rilakkuma, the San-X character. Link (Google Translate) -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Grow A Therapist

Grow A Therapist –  $2.95 Do you need a quick therapy fix, but can’t afford the couch time?  You need the Grow A Therapist from the NeatoShop.  Just add water and watch him grow to 600% of original size. Let him dry out and your shrink will shrink back to original size.  This thoughtful little fellow [...]

Chick Reusable Tote Bag

Chick Reusable Tote Bag – $4.95 Do you have trouble remembering your reusable bags when you go shopping? That’s because your bags aren’t as cute as the Chick Reusable Tote Bag from the NeatoShop. You could never forget this cute little fellow. The Chick Reusable Tote Bag from the NeatoShop is the perfect way to jump into [...]