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Pics Of Puppy Food Coma Victims

These photos reveal just how hard a puppy’s life can be, so hard and so so tiring that eating is enough to tucker these little cuties out! Watch as they dream about chasing cats, destroying the vacuum monster and all the kibble they can eat, as they embrace their food comas and look adorable without even [...]

The Cutest New Years Babies Ever

New Year’s babies are considered to be good luck, but when you’re as adorable as these baby leopard tortoises, you certainly don’t need to worry about luck. These little cuties were born at the Zoo Pragu, three on New Year’s Eve and three after midnight on New Year’s Day. While they’re tiny enough to fit [...]

The Least Powerful DC Superheroes Ever

These characters aren’t going to be kicking anyone’s butt in battle, unless they find a way to use their cuteness as a weapon. Illustrator Ivan Camelo has taken our favorite musclebound DC heroes and turned them into diminutive, bubbly and shiny little cuties that look like they belong an alternate DC/Sanrio Universe alongside Hello Kitty [...]