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World’s First Solo Driving Dog

(YouTube Link) The New Zealand SPCA has a creative way of handling the pet adoption situation- they teach dogs how to drive so people can see how smart they are and adopt them. The dog featured in this video is named Porter, and he’s the first New Zealand SPCA Driving Dog to drive solo. It’s going to be [...]

Zombie Targets That Really Bleed

If you want to get the feel of actually shooting a zombie and watching him spring a leak without harming living humans then check out these grisly bleeding zombie targets from Zombie Industries. Created with a sense of realism, and a morbid curiosity, in mind these ugly little buggers are just begging to be pumped full [...]

This Just In: Seal Pups Are Adorable

(Video Link) File under the most obvious headlines ever…but just look at how cute these little buggers are. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Blue Dog Roadkill Graffiti

Not a fan of Rodrigue’s Blue Dog paintings? Neither am I, which is why I was amused to find that one of the little buggers had become roadkill somewhere in New Orleans, Louisiana. Link –via Wooster Collective

Eek! Mice Are Evolving An Immunity To Poison!

The rodents of the future will eat poison pellets like candy, according to new research conducted on mice found in a German bakery. The baker called in an exterminator to rid his business of the pests and discovered, to his horror, that the little buggers weren’t even fazed by bromadiolone, which is a very concentrated [...]