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The Meatiest Snowman Around

Even if you live somewhere that never snows (like those of us in San Diego) you can still make your own snowman this year with a little bit of parmesean cheese and a lot of ground beef. Now that’s a tasty winter wonderland. Link Via Buzzfeed

Rikku Doesn’t Like Walks

Rikku doesn’t like to walk. My dog is the same way. Unlike Rikku though, he loves to run. He is either standing still – sniffing some poop, or sprinting ahead full speed. If only he were a little bit more like Rikku. -Via Daily of the Day

Naughty Nice Socks

Naughty Nice Socks – $9.95 Santa’s watching. Have you been naughty or nice this year? Go ahead and admit to being a little bit of both with the Naughty Nice socks from the NeatoShop. This festive pair of socks is a great way to embrace the holiday season.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more [...]

Dragon Baby

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting, that baby was fast as lightning. In fact it was a little bit frightning, but he fought all while crying. See! I knew I should have gone into music. -Via Clip Nation

It Just Won’t Fit In My Mouth

(Video Link) Everyone loves apples, but when your little beak just can’t get a hold of them, you’re gonna have a little bit of trouble -as this fellow will gladly attest to. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Super Gory Mario Bros.

In the age of gory video games, good ol’ Mario just looks so … dowdy. Well, no more! Frantisek Vaclavek of Blumasters updated Super Mario Bros. by adding a little bit (okay a lot) [...]

Frankenhorn: the Flamethrowing Trombone

(Watch on YouTube) The best way to make something more awesome is to add fire, I think. The flame reaches 21 feet and the trombone–which still plays–can be heard from two blocks away. The only thing that could have made this video better is a little bit of “Smoke on the Water”. And more cowbell. Link via [...]

Arcade Dominator

(Watch on YouTube) From Freddie Wong, the guy in Jedi A-Holes from John’s post last week, a new video. This time, he’s not out being a Force-abusing delinquent–he’s the Arcade Dominator. I’m only a little bit envious of his mad skee-ball skillz. Link via The Daily What

She’ll Grow Up to be a Fine Princess One Day …

They’re oh-so-cute! There’s just something a little bit off about this photo … (Original source unknown) – via Fluff ‘n nonsense Tumblr blogs


Here’s a clever use of shadowing by photographer Joe Baran. All that’s necessary is the right spot at the right time and a little bit of graffiti. Link via reddit