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Carbide Shooting: A Dutch New Year’s Eve Tradition

(Video Link) In the Netherlands, New Year’s Eve means partying hard. And partying hard means carbidschieten–detonating calcium carbide in a milk churn: Basically, a small chunk of calcium carbide and a little bit of water is placed in a metal milk churn. The carbide decomposes into acetylene and a flame is held up to a small hole in [...]

Simple Trick for Chopping Onions Without Tears

Earlier today on my Swedish blog, I published a post about a simple way to avoid crying when chopping onions. It turned out that a lot of people didn’t know about this trick, so I thought I’d share it here at Neatorama as well. Hopefully some of you readers will find it useful. Ok, here it goes: [...]

Baby Otters Going for a Swim

(Video Link) Sumalee and Kasem are two baby otters that live at Longleat, a wildlife park and zoo in Britain. In this video, Beverley Allen introduces them a large wading pool. Allen says: I started off putting them in the sink with a little bit of water when they were about nine weeks old. Then they progressed [...]

Magic Frog to Prince Toy

Magic Frog to Prince – $3.95 Here’s a kitschy gift idea for Valentine’s Day: a frog in a cup that magically transforms into a prince after you add a little bit of water! Link Or, if you want to give the guy in your life a gift he’ll never forget, give ‘em this: the Arrogant Bastard and Double [...]