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The Late Movies: What Song Are You Listening To? (London, Copenhagen, Singapore, Lisbon, Philadelphia)

Two weeks ago, I pointed to a street video from New York, in which filmmaker Ty Cullen asked passersby who wore headphones “Hey, what song are you listening to?” Commenters asked for more versions of the video from different cities, and I’m glad to oblige — other filmmakers around the world have followed suit and [...]

Free Best Shopping For Dress Carts Shop | Full Discount 2011

Free Best Shopping For Dress Carts Shop | Full Discount 2011 Spanish and Portuguese shoppers arrive at Desigual outlets in their underwear… to be clothed for free It’s not the sort of winter sale you would expect to happen in England No Need Discount Coupon. But for theses Spanish and Portuguese shoppers the chilly weather was not [...]

Phony Philatelists: Four Stories of Stamp Forgers

Ever since the first postage stamp was issued by Great Britain in 1840, there have been stamp collectors. And for almost as long, there have been stamp forgers. Some create counterfeit stamps to get around paying the fee for mail delivery, while others sell their replicas to unsuspecting collectors for quite a bit of cash. [...]

13 Bizarre Stipulations in Wills

News outlets reported this week that legendary broadcaster Walter Cronkite never amended his will to include Joanna Simon, who had been his girlfriend for the last four years of his life. Cronkite’s daughter said the newsman never planned to leave Simon, a former opera singer and older sister of Carly Simon, any sort of inheritance, [...]