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Nyan Cat Blanket

Craftster irisx crocheted 637 granny squares to create this Nyan Cat blanket! The project took nine weeks. The finished product is something special. There’s also a time-lapse video showing how the squares were assembled. Link-Thanks, Lisa!

Sriracha Cheddar Pepper Jack Swirl Bread

How much Sriracha do you need? The correct answer is “more.” Try this recipe by Lisa of Parsley, Sage & Sweet which mixes it with cheddar and pepper jack cheeses. Link -via Tasteologie

The Bizarre Stuff Sold in the Back of Comic Books

Remember the first time you saw an ad for Sea Monkeys? I really wanted some, but never made the order. I figured the X-ray Spex were a rip-off, even in my childhood. Kirk Demarais was fascinated with those ads in the back of comic books, so much that he made a film about them, went [...]

Every “Itchy & Scratchy Show” Ever

One of my favorite parts of The Simpsons is The Itchy & Scratchy Show, a cartoon within a live action show within a cartoon (Itchy & Scratchy is a cartoon on The Krusty the Clown Show, which is presented as a live action show seen within the cartoon show The Simpsons — meta enough for [...]

Super Mario: The World’s Greatest Piece of Surrealist Art?

Imagine having to explain Super Mario Bros. to someone who has never seen it before. Does it sound like a cute video game or is it more like a piece of surrealist art? Mike Rugnetta of PBS [...]

“Simpsons” Creator Matt Groening’s Dad Was Named Homer, and He Made Movies

Matt Groening created “The Simpsons,” and as we all know, Homer Simpson is the patriarch of the family. Well, Homer was the name of Matt’s dad too…but he wasn’t a doofus. The late Homer Groening was a documentary filmmaker, a WWII pilot, and a writer, among other things. Today I thought I’d [...]

The Late Movies: Saved by the Bell’s Musical Numbers

I love Saved by the Bell more than is probably reasonable for a grown woman. (Need evidence? Click here and here.) One of my favorite things about the show was always its impromptu and unexplained musical numbers. Here are six moments when the gang from Bayside song burst into song. Hot Fudge Sundaes In perhaps the most [...]

Why the ‘Native’ Fashion Trend Is Pissing Off Real Native Americans

Popular fashion trends come and go in cycles, and once again we are seeing a trend of the “Native American look” in clothing, home furnishings, jewelry, and bedding. Some companies are running into legal trouble over their merchandise, as there are laws and trademark restrictions against products attributed to Native Americans. Even when the letter [...]

Relic of the Old West

How much do you know about barbed wire? The very idea of barbed wire fences has a fascinating history. Railroads and farmers put up fences, and ranchers, who were used to open spaces to drive their cattle, tore them down. Manufacturers were making lots of money selling barbed wire, and each had a different barb [...]

Pippa Middleton Made of Crumpets

Photo by Solent News and Photo Agency First we brought you Mona Lisa made of coffee, and now we bring you the sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, in crumpets. Artist Laura Hadland used 15,000 crumpets and 15 volunteers to help her recreate a couple of iconic images of Pippa Middleton in her maid of honor [...]