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The Cookie Monster Rises

(Video Link) It’s so great that his lips totally match. In fact, if I hadn’t already seen this movie, I think I would actually think this was a scene from the real film because hey, why wouldn’t Batman be obsessed with cookies? Via BoingBoing

16 Funny Lip Paintings

We’ve seen Pikachu lips, but never troll lips or most of the other weird and wacky lipstick paintings over on Oddee and I assure you, they’re certainly worth checking out -even if you’d never actually want to wear these looks yourself. Link

Lips of Babel

(vimeo link) When they get to your language, you will figure out what these lips are doing in this film by Elle Muliarchyk. Link -via Everlasting Blort

Baby Corgi Chases Flashlight

(Video Link) I don’t often use the word “squee,” but this video just evokes the noise from my lips. What about you guys?

SPAM Lip Glaze / Balm

Spam Lip Glaze / Balm – $1.95 Are you looking for delicious way to keep your lips supple and soft? You need the toasted meat-flavored SPAM Lip Glaze / Balm from the NeatoShop. This lip balm will make sure your mouth always stays meaty fresh. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more yummy Lip Balms. Link

25 Things You Didn’t Know Had Names

Here is a list of 25 everyday things you may or may not know had names. I didn’t know half of these such as my favorite, the Philtrum, “The groove located just below the nose and above the middle of the lips.” Link

The Late Movies: The Flaming Lips!

Last night, one of my favorite bands, the Flaming Lips, appeared on The Colbert Report in support of their upcoming album, Embryonic. Taking “weird” as a compliment, this collection of musicians from Oklahoma have been delighting fans for 25 years. For tonight’s Late Movies, here are some clips of this delightfully silly and incredibly talented [...]