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When Big Kitties Go for the Goal

(Video Link) When paper mache soccer balls are given to lions and tigers, adorability ensues. Need proof? Just watch the video. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Caution: Exotic Animals

A Zanesville, Ohio, man who owned a large private menagerie of tigers, lions, bears and monkeys opened the cages to many of the exotic animals then killed himself in his home Tuesday. Around 5:30pm, his neighbors began calling the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office to report sightings of animals wandering off of Terry Thompson’s land. When police [...]

Big Cats Pose for Perfect Pics

Can you get a lion to pose for a portrait? Yes… well maybe not you, but the folks at Big Cat Studio can! Deadly big cats look more like domestic pets in a stunning new book of feline photographs. Carefully pieced together over a year ‘Big Cat Studio’ lets readers get up close to ocelots, leopards, [...]

Chinese eat live fish in YouTube video

Chinese diners eat live fish in YouTube video Animal rights campaigners have criticised the Chinese over their extreme eating habits after a video of diners eating a live fish became a hit on the internet. The film, in which a part-fried fish is shown breathing and wriggling on a plate as it is being slowly eaten alive [...]