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5-Person Assembling Voltron Costume

Crazy Ray did more than build a Voltron costume. He did more than build costumes for the five lion mechas. He built five lion mecha costumes that can be assembled into one costume for Voltron, Defender of the Far Universe. Still no Blazing Sword, though. That’ll have to wait until next Halloween. Link

The Life And Times Of The MGM Lion

The famous mascot of Metro-Goldwyn Mayer is not one lion, but five lions. These are their stories. Slats (1917–1928) Wikimedia Commons Slats, born at the Dublin Zoo in 1919, was MGM’s first lion. He had previously appeared in the logo of the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation, where designer Howard Dietz chose the lion as a mascot as a tribute [...]

New reports of escaped ‘lion’ in Bedford

A fresh sighting from two dog walkers has reignited the possibility of a lion on the loose in England. Two women who requested to remain nameless for …

Confused Animals

(YouTube link) You’re just walking along and suddenly, a rival appears right in front of you! This compilation of animals confused by mirrors is both cute and funny. I don’t think I’d volunteer to try it with a lion, however. -via the Presurfer

Lion reported to be on the loose in Essex

Police in England are investigating reports of a lion on the loose following multiple sightings. Armed officers and a police helicopter have been call…

Fawns Have Escape Plans

"It’s a lion*, run!" strategy doesn’t seem to work out very well for white-tailed deer fawns. What works, it turns out, is an escape plan: Fawns often bypass the nearest "escape cover" to seek [...]

Lion threat closes railway station

A UK railway station was temporarily closed after reports that there was a lion on the tracks. The alert was raised after a local called the police to…

Mother Rescues Lion Cub

Wildlife photographer Jean-Francois Largot took a fascinating sequence of photographs of a lion cub rescue in Kenya’s Masai Mara game reserve. The cub apparently slid part of the way down a cliff face. Clinging on for dear life to the side of a vertical cliff, the tiny lion cub cries out pitifully for help. His mother arrives [...]

Cat Pwned

(YouTube link) One cat traps another in a box. Then a lion walks up. -via reddit

Mountain Lion Makes Longest Recorded Journey Ever by a Land Mammal

DNA testing on a mountain lion killed on a road in Connecticut revealed that it had traveled 1,800 miles from South Dakota: According to scientists with the US Department of Agriculture, DNA taken from the mountain lion showed its genetic structure matched a population of cats native to the sparsely populated Black Hills region of South [...]