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The 25 Greatest Christmas Treats for Chocolate Lovers

Just clicking on the link will send your blood sugar level soaring. Foodbeast rounded up 25 Christmas-themed chocolate concoctions. My favorite is Erica’s strawberry Christmas brownie bites. She made them with pipeable frosting, fondant, candy balls and disco dust. Link | Photo: Erica’s Sweet Tooth

From the Attorney General to the Ku Klux Klan: "Kiss My Ass"

In 1970, Bill Baxley, the new Attorney General of the State of Alabama, reopened the investigation of the 1963 bombing of a church in which four little African-American girls died. For doing so, he received death threats from the Klan and similar organizations. Baxley’s response to one was short and to the point. Link | Photo: [...]

The Netherlands’ Flower Parade

Every year, the Dutch town of Zundert holds an enormous festival of flowers. This float, like all of the others pictured at the link, is covered with flowers. What the people can do with them is amazing! Link | Photo: Flower Foundation Zundert

The Most Indebted Man in the World

Got a mortgage and credit card debt? Think you owe a lot of money? However much money you owe, that’s peanuts compared to what Jérôme Kerviel owes. As Matthew O’Brien wrote in Quartz, Kerviel is [...]

Custom Handgun Made for a Man Who Had Lost His Fingers

Gunsmith M. Fischer of Berlin made this bizarre .38 caliber revolver sometime before 1896. It featured an unusual trigger system that permitted an owner without fingers to hold and fire it. Link | Photo: Horst Held

Handy Workshop Tattoo

Thanks to this handy tattoo, Greg Flanagan can measure anything up to sixteen inches long. It’s a precisely calibrated ruler eight inches long, set eight inches away from the tip of his pinkie finger. Link | Photo: Greg Flanagan

4-Wheel Drive Rolls Royce is Ready for Baja

With a skid plate, raised axles and two spare tires in the back, this Silver Shadow is ready for the rigors of Baja racing. Ask the driver if he has any Grey Poupon. Link | Photo: wyoming warrior

Going to Disneyland Every Day for a Year

Jeff Reitz and Tonya Mickesh got annual passes to the Disneyland Park as a holiday gift, and when they both got laid off from their jobs, they hatched an unusual plan: As the months of [...]

The Best Book Review Money Can Buy

"Five Star!" the book review gushes, but deep down, you wonder whether it’s real. Welcome to the world of fake book review service, where enthusiastic reviews are bought and sold like any other two-bit [...]

Cruise Ship Animals

To make the cruise ship experience even more fun, some ships’ housekeeping staffs fold guest towels into the shapes of different animals. This is a scorpion that one Carnival cruisegoer found on her bed. At the link, you can see other towel animals, including swans, elephants, monkeys and pigs. Link | Photo: kthpryn