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9 Adorable Videos of Critters Celebrating Christmas

You’ve seen pictures of critters getting ready for Christmas, but now it’s time for some video footage of animals actually celebrating the holidays. Consider it our gift to you. (Video Link) Here are red kangaroos, chimps, bears, meerkats and more enjoying a little bit of holiday enrichment treats at the Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney. (Video Link) Cats love [...]

Stop Working and Love Me!

(YouTube link) Cats are very good with body language. And they operate on the premise that it’s always fine to ask for, or rather demand, what you want. -via Buzzfeed

Natural Thing

(YouTube link) Cats and dogs chasing a laser pointer light would make a great music video, wouldn’t it? The group Nobody Beats the Drum thought so. The last minute or so of this is the best. -via Buzzfeed

Now That’s a Helpful Kitty

(Video Link) Cats have had it too easy for too long, just sitting around lying in the sunshine and attacking the beams from our laser pointers. Finally, here’s one that can actually earn its keep. Sure it only does the dishes, but there always has to be a first step. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

This Turtle Is Determined to Protect His Hood

(Video Link) Cats are not welcome to mess around on this turtle’s property, even if their food is scattered all over his porch.